Always be conscious of your personal safety when carrying or using your laptop. Take sensible precautions such as:-


  1. -  Plan your tasks to avoid situations where you are likely to be a lone worker in circumstances where theft is likely.
  2. - Take extra care in public places, or in other situations (or at times) where the risk of theft may be greater.
  3. - Do not carry the laptop in luggage with a computer manufacturer’s branding.
  4. - Always be conscious of vehicle security when transporting your laptop between venues e.g. never leave it on view in      an unattended vehicle; never leave it overnight in an unattended vehicle.
  5. - Always try to reduce the amount of weight in your laptop case.
  6. - Do not carry equipment or papers unless they are really likely to be needed.
  7. - Minimise the hard copy documents you take. Store them electronically on the laptop or on an encrypted data stick/disk, or consider sending them in advance (by post or e-mail) to your destination.
  8. - If you need to walk to your car or other destinations, use a wheeled laptop case where possible and appropriate.
  9. - If you carry your laptop, place the strap on the opposite shoulder to the case to spread the load or better still use a backpack/rucksack to cut down strain on arms and distribute the load evenly across the body and leave your hands free. This is also less conspicuous for personal safety reasons. 
  10. - Always check your batteries and follow the recharging instructions in order to avoid carrying extra batteries (e.g. most laptop batteries will only last for approx. 3-5 hours).