Mini-FishHook Tablet Stands (Red Aluminum + Black Silicone Cover)

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Modern, sleek, attractive, ergonomically and elegantly crafted from premium crate aluminum, sanded and beautifully anodized to protect and hold your tablet devices. They are sturdy, solid, versatile and universally designed to fit iPad, Android-based tablets and E-Readers (Kindle). No more weak Integrated case-stands! They also function as an ergonomic grip holder. When used as a grip holder, it takes the weight off your hand making your hands less tired. They are great for watching movies, browsing, typing and reading. It takes your tablet experience to a whole new level.

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Mini-FishHook is a portable universal 2-in-1 stand and also an ergonomic grip holder for your iPad (mini-included), Android-based tablets, E-Readers (Amazon Kindle), Surface PC or even your smartphones! It is the solution to weak integrated case-stands that provide limited orientation. It is made out of sanded, anodized premium crate aluminum with non-slip silicone protection covers...making them very durable. They provide unobstructed access to all ports, controls, and camera functions.

We often run into the situation where we find it more comfortable to actually hold our tablets for a long period of time. Maximum flexibility of usage is one of the best facts about the Mini-FishHook Tablet Stands. They can also be used as a grip holder, which can effectively take the weight away from your hands, allowing you to work continuously for longer hours without feeling tired. If you regularly use your tablet device for watching movies, listening to music, or browsing the Web, then these stands certainly offer you a great comfort. The mini-FishHook tablet stand takes over the weight of your tablet which reduces the need to press against the tablet in order to hold it. This result in a more comfortable grip and you will be feeling safer holding your precious tablet or Kindle. You can forget the feeling of fear that you may drop your tablet or that your hands get tired from holding your tablet. Whether you are at home, in the office, in the kitchen, on the couch or even in bed, the mini-FishHook will let you hang onto your tablet more comfortably and longer.

You also have the option of having it in landscape or portrait mode. This gives you a total of four solid different orientations.
The mini-FishHook provides a very sturdy and stable stand for watching movies or playing games in a perfect tilt...making it easy on your back and neck! It is totally a new and better way of using your devices. It's so simple and perfect for all ages.(the kids can now sit and play their favorite games without the fear of them dropping your expensive tablets!). It takes tablet experience to a whole new level.
The write mode gives you a more comfortable view of the screen! You can use your tablet device to its maximum performance/potential because it allows you to rotate it regardless of its position/profile.

The mini-FishHook tablet stand is designed to be universally compatible with virtually all Android-based tablets, iPads (mini and iPhone included),Surface PC, E-readers such as Aamzon Kindle. All mobile devices with width or thickness up to 11.5 mm (0.45") and thinner will be compatible.

They are very easy to carry and weigh only 2.8 oz (78 gram)

-1 Unit Stand (2-pieces)
-1 Non-Woven Carry Bag
-Package size: 8.1x4.1x1.2" (205x105x30mm) Actual Size of Stand (one pc): 6.5x0.98x0.79 (165x25x20mm)

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