FishHook Notebook/Laptop Stand (Pink with White Cover)

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Pink Plastic with White Protection Cover

FishHook is a stylish and sophisticated portable stand for laptop and notebook, featuring pink plastic with white protection cover that makes it even more sturdy and long-lasting. Its patented ergonomic design offers fantastic benefits like no other laptop stands or notebook risers on the market. It is not only remarkably sturdy and resilient, but also provides uninterrupted and hassle-free access to all ports, controls, and keyboard. The unique blend of red and grey adds to the beauty and elegance of the laptop stand. Carry your style wherever you are and enhance your convenience for using a laptop or a notebook, anywhere, anytime.

Excellent Ventilation Optimizes Laptop Performance

Unlike other laptop stands in the market, FishHook delivers superior ventilation to prevent overheating of the laptop or notebook. The laptop barely touches the surface of the stand, and this gap allows for improved ventilation and superior laptop performance. Unique design of the stand allows lifting the laptop off flat surfaces to facilitate better air flow and prevent overheating. Free air circulation beneath the laptop optimizes its performance, and facilitates quieter and cooler operation. It does not affect performance of the laptop due to overheating. This helps in improving the laptop’s battery life. Thus, FishHook guarantees improved ventilation that extends lifespan of your computer.     

Unique Viewing Angle To Prevent Bad Posture

FishHook is ergonomically designed, providing a unique viewing and typing angle that is essential for preventing bad body posture. A major portion of laptop users tend to lean forward while working and this causes neck and back pain for an extended period. With FishHook laptop stand, you needn’t have to worry about your posture. It is uniquely designed to subconsciously force users to sit in a straight, upright position while working on their laptop. It is also effective in minimizing the risk of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, which is caused due to long-term poor wrist placement. Delightfully, FishHook minimizes all risks and ensures a good posture, every time.

Portable and Easy-to-Carry

FishHook is strategically designed to be light in weight and portable, making it remarkably easier to carry it wherever you go. Further adding to your convenience, it comes with a mini carrying bag that can snugly fit into your laptop bag. They weight only 3.2 oz (91 grams) and is exceptionally easy to carry anywhere. Complementary carrying bag further makes it convenient to take the laptop stand wherever you go. Furthermore, it is quick and simple to install and dismantle, allowing you to use it wherever you are. Ergonomic, portable design makes the laptop stand further add to your comfort and ease in an appreciative manner.     

Universally Designed

The FishHook stand is universally designed to be compatible with virtually all kinds of laptops and notebooks. It supports any laptop or notebook, ranging from 10” up to 18.4” screen size. It also provides support for any type of laptop, with thickness of 0.2” – 1.1” (5mm – 28mm) when opened. Its unique universal design makes FishHook the most preferred choice for laptop and notebook users across the world. Whatever brands you have, whatever screen size and thickness, the stand will provide superior support and resiliency to your laptop or notebook. Its universal design is also one reason makes FishHook worth every penny.  

How To Use

The FishHook laptop stand is remarkably simple and quick to install. It takes just less than 10 seconds to fit your notebook on the stand. The package comes with 2 unit stands and 1 carrying bag.

1. Place the holders apart from each other. Make sure that the hooks of the same size are on the same side.
2. Next, insert your laptop or notebook into it. Thinner notebooks should be inserted into smaller sized hooks, while the thicker ones should go into bigger hooks of the stand.
3. You are done fitting your laptop/notebook onto FishHook stand.
4. When not in use, un-install it and put it in the carrying bag.

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